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Stan and Grace Shelton

Status: On the Field

Location: Europe
Field: Austria
Ministry: Church Planting


Stan Shelton was born in Vienna, Austria, to parents who were in mission work in Vienna, but his family returned to the USA when Stan was 8 years old. After Stan came to know the Lord and was called into full-time Christian service, he was praying about returning to Vienna. He met Grace through German classes at college. As they started dating and got married, they continued to pray about where God wanted them to serve Him. In October 1996, God clearly called them to Vienna, Austria. The country of Austria has a population of 8.82 million people. In the city of Vienna there is only a small handful of churches that preach the Gospel.

After finishing graduate school and a yearlong church internship, God led them to work with GFA missionaries in Vienna, Todd and Sarah Hudson. After five years, God led them across the Danube River to the 22nd district of Vienna to start another church plant.

In October 2009, a small group of believers held their charter membership service. The church constitution they adopted states that “the goal of our church is to give God the glory by being true to His Word. Success is measured by the Christlikeness of each member.” In May 2015, Freie Bibelgemeinde Donaustadt (fbg22.at) moved into a dedicated facility in a great location in their district.

Stan has prayed specifically that God would send people to their church who have been seeking for the truth. In recent years the Sheltons have seen God send several young men to their church who began seeking for the truth, started reading their Bible, and came to know the Lord. Their eagerness to know and understand God’s Word has been refreshing.

They are working steadily towards building leadership in their church with the prayer that their church will one day be able to have a national pastor.

Stan and Grace are both involved in their local community in order to be salt and light by prayerfully seeking opportunities to share Jesus with others. They also run an English Camp each summer to serve people in their neighborhood. Stan and Grace have five children: Kaleb, Lukas, Micah, James, and Kirsten.

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