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Matthias and Annette Mutzke

Status: On the Field

Location: Europe
Field: Germany
Ministry: Christian School, Church Planting



As the son of GFA missionaries Reinhard and Mary-Jeanne Mutzke, Matthias grew up on the mission field of Germany. During his late teen years, the Lord gave him a burden to return one day to help in the ministry. He attended Bob Jones University, where he met his future wife, Annette. She had dedicated her life to becoming a missionary when she was a young teenager. After Matthias earned a BS in engineering from Bob Jones University in 1999 and an MBA from Clemson University in 2001, he and Annette married. He worked for several years in various companies in South Carolina and Washington state before moving his family in 2008 to Germany as tentmakers to take a secular job while helping in the Heidelberg ministry.

Matthias and his family faithfully served alongside his parents for several years until the Lord led him to become the pastor of Freie Christliche Gemeinde. He started pastoring the church and serving as school administer of Freie Christliche Schule in 2016 after his ordination.

Both Matthias and Annette are committed to the need for Christian education in Germany. While the church continues to become more autonomous and fully supports Matthias, the Mutzkes joined GFA’s Professionals International program to provide a way for people to continue supporting Christian education in Germany. They serve with Bill and Glenda Davis. The Mutzkes have six children.