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Jonathan and Wendy Latham

Status: On the Field

Location: North America
Field: Mexico
Ministry: Church Planting, Formal Bible Training



The Lord used Jonathan and Wendy Latham's early experiences, education, desires and health to prepare and direct them to their current ministry at Instituto Universitario Cristiano de las Americas (IUCLA) in Monterrey, Mexico. Their story begins, however, in Africa, where Jonathan was born. Though his family moved back to the States when he was three years old, his interest in Africa has been lifelong.

Both Jonathan and Wendy attended Bob Jones University. Wendy earned a B.S. in Spanish education. Jonathan graduated with a B.S. in missionary aviation and then pursued an M.A. in theology while working for three years as a flight instructor in BJU's aviation program. With Jonathan's training in aviation and Wendy's proficiency in Spanish, the Lord directed them to open the only Spanish-speaking nation in Africa, Equatorial Guinea, in 2001.

After language school in Saltillo, Mexico, they worked for six months in Cameroon, the African country just north of EG. In December 2001 they moved to EG and began learning the tribal language (Fang). The following year they opened an English center and then in 2003 received government recognition to plant churches in EG.

In 2005 Gloria Ruth Latham was born to Jonathan and Wendy while they were on furlough. Work progressed on the construction of an English center in EG with the visit of a BJU summer missions team in 2006. Following the team's visit, the Lathams took a temporary assignment in Spain, assisting a national pastor and doing camp work while Jonathan made trips to EG.

In January 2008 the Lord used Wendy's health as the means of directing them to a new place of service with a team of missionaries in Mexico.

Their teaching ministry at IUCLA not only makes use of their Spanish proficiency and familiarity with the Mexican culture, but it also fulfills Jonathan's desires to teach Bible and to be involved in church planting.

They assist churches by providing Christian training on the collegiate and graduate levels. Jonathan is developing IUCLA's missionary training program, helping to teach block courses and seminars for pastors outside Monterrey, and helping a church plant in Monterrey.

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